Ars Electronica Center

Linz, Austria

Ars Electronica Future Lab and Festival

Infrastructure: 3.000 square meters exhibit space.

Workspace: Desktop workstation, printer

Project Space for test presentation environment

Labs (available for artists or researchers and used by students and pupils): VRLab, FabLab, BioLab, BrainLab, SoundLab, DeepSpace 8k (16 x 9m wall and floor (each surface has 4 projectors) – available in 3D)

Ars Electronica’s in-house experts (Festival crew, Futurelab and Center staff): multidisciplinary staff (including programmers, engineers, psychologists, curators, media engineers, teachers…)

Communication Network

Technical Equipment: Fully equipped wood/ cabinetry workshop, metal/ metal fabricating with hoisting capabilities of up to 75 tons, electrical/ electronic shop and paint shop with a volume of 200 cubic metres with lifting capabilities of up to 5 tons.