Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT)

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Credit: Jasamin Sinclair, 2018. 'Womxn Is Work' Artist: Liv Wynter and Grrrl Power, FACT

About the residency at FACT:


FACT welcomes all proposals, but would particularly invite applications from artists whose research and practice concerns Gender Representation and Labour, or Intersectional Feminism.

Residency Period

The residency will take place over 2 months within Spring or Summer 2019, depending on the theme of your project.


Through the residency period the artist will be granted access to FACT Lab equipment and workshop space. See below for further details.

About FACTLab:

FACTLab is located on the third floor of the FACT building, next to FACT HQ - the main office. It is an adapted office space ideal for workshops, coworking, presenting, desktop-making, planning, and teaching. It includes work surfaces, a central bank of desks and chairs (seating approx 18), presentation screens and basic kit and computers.

Residents will also have access to a gallery prep space in which they can cut, paint and undertake and other dust-making work with access to a full range of basic tools (including power tools). FACT also have a Technical Manager, Learning Technologist, IT Manager and Video Production Manager on site who are able to troubleshoot and assist during your residency.

Below is an indicative list of the general kit we have available to artists within the residency space:

1x 65” display 4K monitor

Kits and Maker tools:
6 x Raspberry Pi model B+ & peripherals
4 x Raspberry Pi model 2 & peripherals
10 x Arduino & programming cables
14 x Breadboards
Misc jumper leads & LEDs
7 x servo motors
7 x moisture sensors
7 x Infra Red distance sensors
7 x volume sensors
2 x heart rate sensors
8 x Ultrasonic sensors
5 x Soldering irons & gripper devices
1 x Oscilloscope
4 x MBot educational robots
1 x Bench Power supply.
1 x Makey Makey
6 x 5v A/C portable power packs

1x Ultimaker 2+
1x Formlabs 2
1x UP! Plus 2
4 spools of Edge filament
3 spools of Verbatim filament
Various resins

Virtual Reality
1 x HTC Vive
1 x Oculus Rift CV1


  • High-speed PC (i.e. ideal for rendering software etc)
    Specs: AMD Ryzen 1700 8 Core, 16 Thread, 3.7GHz
    16GB of Memory
    Very Fast Storage drive 256GB of storage
    4gb R460 GPU
  • 10x fully networked Intel Mac Mini 2014 computers equipped with both Windows and Apple Mac OSX (inc. Microsoft Office package). Ideal for teaching scenarios.
  • 1 Intel NUC i5 Computer for presenting on large screen + wireless KB and mouse.
  • HTC Vive
  • Range of iPads (4th generation)

Please note in addition to this, we also have a range of exhibitions-standard kit which can be used for testing and/or presentation if available, including:

  • Various Panasonic and Christie projectors
  • Varying size projection surfaces
  • 20x 40” NEC (and some larger Samsung) flatscreens
  • CRT monitors
  • Martin Audio and Genelec speaker systems
  • Sennheiser headphones

FACT also has a close partnership with the Liverpool School of Art and Design at nearby university, Liverpool John Moores. The school boasts a FabLab featuring laser cutters, powder printers, and large format 3D scanners. We are also very close to DoES Liverpool, a nearby makerspace, who host maker nights and have a wide range of kit which can be used by anyone after an induction, at a small cost.