WRO Center for Media Art Foundation

Widok 7, Wroclaw, Poland

About WRO Art Center: http://wrocenter.pl/en/o-wro/

About WRO Atelier - residency space
Kuznicza 29a, Wroclaw, Poland

WRO Atelier is the seat of the WRO Center for Media Art Foundation. For a decade, there have been the organizational offices of the international WRO Media Art Biennale, an extensive archive of the Biennale works and documentations, and the digitization laboratory; currently, the space serves as a workroom / studio for artists participating in residency programs, a library and a place for classes with students of Art Mediation Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts.

The WRO Foundation has Poland’s most extensive and one of the largest in Europe collection of media works by artists from all over the world. Many years’ activities of WRO (since 1989) have turned Wroclaw to the “capital of new media” in this part of Europe. WRO’s collection is systematically elaborated and made available to the public in the WRO Art Center’s Media Library.

Available facilities for residents of WRO Art Center at WRO Atelier

(included for free as a standard):

multifunctional studio space of 45m2 on the 2nd floor of the historical building in the Wroclaw Old Town

working place equipped with:
– table and chairs
– computer workstation
– monitor
– keyboard + mouse
– speakers
– headphones
– projector 16:9 or 4:3
– internet access (WLAN, LAN)
– access to an online WRO Collection of the Media Library (more than 1500 items)

Additionally, WRO Art Center as a place of production with its own lab and exhibition venue is equipped with a basic set of equipment which can be made available for free depending on its current accessibility (daily program activities). The set of equipment includes:
- cameras
- sound equipment
- lighting
- monitors, projectors, players
- postproduction softwares (Adobe Creative Cloud)

In case of any need to use more specialized technical equipment we gladly provide contact to our commercial providers.

WRO Center for Media Art Foundation
WRO Center for Media Art Foundation
WRO Center for Media Art Foundation
WRO Center for Media Art Foundation
WRO Center for Media Art Foundation
WRO Center for Media Art Foundation