What can I expect when I participate at an EMAP group show or conference?

Any EMAP member organization inviting you to a group show or conference has to cover your travel and hotel expenses. In case you are an artist group, it might happen that only the budget for one artist’s travel expenses is available. In addition costs to set up your EMARE work at the exhibition / presentation venue have to be covered by the inviting organization. Details have to be negotiated. Please note that there are no additional fees for a work you produced within EMAP / EMARE unless it needs your personal presence all the time i.e. a performance. Here individual fees will be negotiated depending on the budget of the inviting organization. The final presentation in Halle 2021 is obligatory and doesn’t include any extra fees.

What will I receive from my host?

The minimum conditions you can expect which are also set in the artist agreement are 3.000 Euros artist grant, up to 4.000 Euros production budget (proofable with invoices), up to 500,- Euros travel expenses (proofable with invoices), free accommodation for two months, free access to your hosts facilities, a professional presentation / exhibition / artist talk or workshop during your stay.

How long can I modify my submissions?

Your submissions is saved under your login. You can come back as many times as you wish to change it until the 2nd of December 2019 12.00 Central European Time.

How do I know if the organisation can provide the facilities needed for my project?

You are applying to the whole consortium of 11 organizations and have to choose the order of your preferred locations. We recommend that you study the websites of each organization. In case you don’t find enough information you can contact them directly and address your questions to them before you submit your application.

EMAP welcomes artists with disability, but please be aware that the centers with wheelchair accessiblity are Ars Electronica, Bandits-Mages, FACT, LABoral, Onassis Stegi and WRO Art Center.
Please prioritize them in your listing.

Can I do multiple submissions for different projects?

Yes. There is no restriction on how many projects you might submit. Please submit each as an individual entry.

We are a group of artists who work collectively? Can we apply together?

Yes, it is possible that the residency conditions are shared amongst more people working on one project together. But you have to be aware that you will have to share the conditions (grant, travel expenses and project budget) and in some cases maybe even one apartment. That also implies that there might be only one artist out of the group getting invited to the networking conference and group shows if there is not enough additional funding to cover the extra costs for the other participants of the group. Also it is not possible that more than one person can submit the same project! At least one participant of the artist group has to come from or live in an EU member state or country participating in the Creative Europe programme.

I am currently doing my PHD. Am I eligible?

Yes, PHD students are welcome. We only can’t accept undergraduate and master students. If you graduate in the same year, but before the residency takes place it is as well accepted.

Can I apply to my own country?

EMARE intends to be an intercultural exchange so therefore the organization of your country is not very likely to select you. As always in life, there might be an exception for very special reasons like an artist group with various national backgrounds.

Artists from which regions are eligible?

Artists with EU citizenship or who regularly pay their taxes in any of the EU member states are eligible as well as artists from countries which participate in the Creative Europe programme.

When do we receive the results and will you inform us about reasons of rejection?

The jury decisions will be communicated via email.

The notification on the results will happen in an automated email.

No comments on jury decisions will be provided and we ask you to accept this!

There might be various reasons for the final selection and each organization has only one residency space per year. If your submission gets rejected in one year that does not mean that it wouldn’t be accepted in another year.