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Antre Peaux has the vocation to propose to all, poly, inter and trans artistic interventions, accompanied by the artists of its choice, from local to international and vice versa, to :

  • Participate in all forms of creation, production, programs and develop artistic creation in multiple ways
  • Encourage the emergence of innovations through the production of objects of artistic research
  • Work towards a better shared cultural development, diversity and cultural democracy, by promoting access to culture for everyone and by everyone,
  • Establish itself as an arts resource centre

Antre Peaux also intends to meet the needs of the territory through:

  • Sharing tools and resources for the benefit of projects of local and regional interest and beyond
  • Transmitting knowledge and skills of everything that participates in the artistic and cultural processes

LABoral is a multidisciplinary institution which produces, disseminates and fosters access to new forms of culture rooted in the creative use of information and communication technologies (ICT). LABoral has been working in crossovers between arts, science and technology since its creation in 2007. The hybrid nature of the institution is seen through its focus on production, a practice that involves an intense knowledge exchange amongst professionals from different disciplines with a common objective. In this context, the collaboration with all these professionals has always been a new challenge, due to the differences and similarities between practices. Thus, this experience is to be shared, agreed and formalized, with similar hybrid institutions through the production of various research projects and related activities. 

The WRO Art Center was opened in 2008 by the WRO Center for Media Art Foundation, Poland’s first institution working at the intersection of contemporary art, media and communication. Our original exhibition, educational, research and publication programs are based on experimental arts and organization practices. Culminating in Polish and international projects, they showcase the creative potential of new technologies and explore the innovative relationships of image, sound and perception in the context of contemporary art and cultural reflection.

The WRO Art Center shares much of its history with the WRO new-media festivals. From their inception in 1989, the WRO festivals have been dedicated to audiovisual art created using electronic media. Since 1993 the WRO festivals have been held every two years, and in 1995 their name was changes to the WRO Media Art Biennale, with its 18th edition of 2019.