KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis, Zagreb, Croatia

Kontejner image by Miran Kranar



KONTEJNER is engaged in curatorial work, organization of art festivals and other public events, and in education and social theory. KONTEJNER´s main field of interest is progressive contemporary art which investigates the role and meaning of science, technology and the body in our society, focusing on the relevant and current phenomena, especially within provocative, fascinating and intriguing subjects and topics, as well as those perceived by the society as taboos. These include pleasure, time and energy, mental health, human and artificial intelligence manipulation and dark matter.


KONTEJNER residencies for the European Media Art Platform project are organized in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in City of Zagreb. At studio and KONTEJNER’s  office at Savska cesta 42, the artist will have access to standard computing, video and audio equipment (computers, monitors, printer, projectors, LCD screens, audio system, Internet access etc.). Any special needs for facilities, technologies etc. will be arranged by KONTEJNER with its partners and associates.

The residency located in the city of Zagreb will take place in the Academy's residential apartment, located in an exquisite part of the center at Jabukovac 10. The apartment close to the park Tuškanac and only 19 minutes by foot to the Academy of Fine Arts studios located at Ilica 85, where the artist's working space will be. The studio is offered in the form of the multi-functional room that can serve as work space, exhibition space and lecture room.



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