CIKE Creative Industry, Košice, Slovakia

People in front of an art center


CIKE is an independent organization established by the City of Kosice to utilize the creative cross-sector collaboration among art, culture, science, and creative businesses, through use of digital technologies, for improving the quality of life in the city.

CIKE implements urban transformation led by art and culture.

CIKE operates at the intersection of open innovation, media art, new technologies, business capacity building, research, education, and citizens engagement to deliver solutions, co-designed and co-owned by all, for building resilient, sustainable, inclusive, open, and democratic communities.


This year we are exploring the topic (Behavioural) Change.

We want to understand the ways that technology brings and/or could bring change of human behaviour, how it affects the very notion of our understanding of behavioural norms, expectations, and actions in both physical and digital worlds of our everyday existence.


We are open for up to two-months long residencies that will take place from August 1st till November 30th, 2023.


Residents at CIKE will have access to Bravo Hub equipment and working spaces (

Additional equipment and spaces will be available thanks to CIKE long-term cooperation with Kosice’s Technical University Science Park TECHNICOM (

In addition to that, CIKE has a huge network of partner institutions, businesses, research centers and art spaces that can provide any technical support needed for an artwork creation. CIKE has a long history in accommodating international UNESCO media art residencies, as well as a track record in leading and participating in international and national projects in the CCI sector. ( )

CIKE also offers professional organizational and logistic support provided by in-house staff – project managers, PR experts, and event producers/organizers.