European Media Art Platform (EMAP) Residencies

With the support of the European Union’s Creative Europe programme, the European Media Art Platform continues its residency program for artists, artist duos, collectives or other artistic collaborations working in the fields of digital art, media art, robotic art and bio art. As a new feature to the EMAP residency programme we have introduced the "collaboration" component. Applicants are expected to include a proposal for a collaboration in their application.

European artists, or collectives can apply with a project proposal for a residency of two months in 2024. The artists will be collaborating with a person of their choice or a person local to the host institution:

Artists should apply to the whole consortium and indicate the order of their preferred locations.

The residency includes:
- an invitation to the kick-off conference in Limassol March 2024
- a grant of €4,000 for the applying artist(s) including subsistence costs
- a grant of €2,000 for collaborating artist(s)
- a project budget of €4,000
- accommodation provided by the host organization
- travel expenses up to €1,000
- free access to technical facilities and/or media labs of the host institution.
It also includes a professional presentation and the option to participate in exhibition tours at EMAP members’ festivals/exhibitions in 2024, plus the possibility to get exhibited by EMAP partner institutions.

Applications should be submitted online and must include a CV, (audio)-visual documentation of previous works, and a preliminary plan and presentation of the proposed project to be developed within the EMAP Residencies programme. Collaborating artists do not have to be decided at the time of submission.

Applicants must be EU residents or taxpayers in an EU member country or residents/taxpayers of one of these eligible non EU-countries.

Undergraduate and Master students are not eligible but PhD candidates are accepted. Emerging artists, regardless of age and academic degree, are encouraged to apply.

Please read the FAQ section for your questions!

General information about EMAP:
Deadline for Applications for 2025: will be announced in autumn 2024.