NeMe, Limassol, Cyprus

NeMe, picture 1

NeMe residency

NeMe has been running a residency for artists, writers, scholars, and theorists since 2006. Through the years our residency guests included: Lanfranco Aceti (IT), George Alexander (AU), James Bridle (UK), Ruth Catlow (UK), Marc Garrett (UK), Srećko Horvat (HR), Sanela Jahić (SI), Ernest Larsen (US), Areti Leopoulou (GR), Garrett Lynch (IRL) (IE), Peter Lyssiotis (AU), Sherry Milner (US), Sheila Pinkel (US), Ozden Sahin (TR), Iannis Zannos (GR), and others.

EMAP residency

The NeMe residencies for the European Media Art Platform are organized in collaboration with various labs of the Cyprus University of Technology. The artist(s) will have access to a studio located below the residency, have access to a standard PC computer, monitor, projector, LCD screen, and fibre internet access. Specialist requirements can be arranged by NeMe with the University and/or other local institutions.

NeMe favours critical media, and technologically informed arts practices and the successful artists will be expected to finish a work by the end of their two-month residency, at which time they will present the results of their research undertaken during the residency at the NeMe Arts Centre in the form of a talk or performance, screening, and/or a possible exhibition.

The apartment

The residency is located at a newly renovated, two-bedroom south facing spacious apartment, in the historical Center of Limassol. The apartment is within a short walking distance to the NeMe Arts Centre, the University and a number of cultural and leisure spaces.