m-cult, Helsinki, Finland



ABOUT m-cult:

m-cult is an agency to develop and promote new forms of media art and digital culture, with a focus on cultural and social aspects of media and technology.
*works across the fields of media and collaborative art and open source culture
*supports artists in the creation, presentation and reflection of socially engaged/technically experimental projects and practices
*brings together international partner networks and local groups and communities
*engages in cultural policy, documentation and archiving of media art and participatory culture


m-cult's EMAP residencies are organised in collaboration with the lovely Eläintarha residency in a wooden villa from 1889, located in a park in central Helsinki. The villa has individual rooms for artists, shared kitchen and spacious living room with a balcony.

As studio space, the artist is offered a room/workshop space at the m-cult office, with recourse to computing (mac/ubuntu), optical fibre internet, video and audio facilities (cameras, recorders, microphones, lights, projectors etc). Additional facilities (eg. fablab, carpentry, larger studio, special soft&hardware) will be arranged with m-cult and partners. The residency also includes bikes.

m-cult's focus is on the social aspects of technology: of special interest are projects with a public or socially engaged dimension, as well as projects that embody critical approaches to reimagine our lives on the internet.

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