Onassis Stegi, Athens, Greece

Onassis Stegi image by Ioanna Chatziandreou



The place where contemporary culture meets aesthetics and science.

Onassis Stegi proposes a program running from October to July each year, including new works by young or more established artists, thematic festivals that approach specific areas in depth, cutting-edge international productions that bring challenging aesthetic concepts to the Greek public, lectures and public discussions on a range of subjects relating to contemporary culture and society and an extensive educational program that aims to reach out to a wide audience, including groups that for a variety of reasons do not have satisfactory access to contemporary culture. Our exhibitions and events explore the boundaries between science, art and society, while our extensive parallel programs include talks on contemporary issues of society and culture, and several educational activities.


In the context of the EMAP residencies, Onassis Stegi especially welcomes artists that wish to engage with XR (eXtended Reality) and immersive practices and the interaction of technologies with the human body, including immersive and performative installations, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) experiences, performative arts. Such applications of technologies in relation to performative arts may include tactile and phygital interfaces, mixed reality (AR / VR / MR), motion capturing, wearable sensors and AI systems, smart clothes & fabrics, laser scanning, and projection mapping among others.

The artist(s) in residence, is (are) encouraged to participate in public events organized during the residency, present their work to relevant audiences and local artists, as well as co-organize DIWO (Do It With Others) workshops in the context of their research and work.
In addition to the benefits described in the EMAP open call, the artist in residence will receive the following:

  • Workspace in the Onassis Foundation facilities, including a computer workstation capable for multimedia content creation, and high speed internet access.
  • Lodging in a flat in the vicinity of Neos Kosmos, Athens.
  • One-on-one guidance and support from staff andcollaborating experts , throughout their residency.

As a venue hosting interdisciplinary cultural events, Onassis Stegi is equipped with an extensive array of audiovisual equipment which that can be made available for use on demand, though availability may vary depending on other activities. These include but are not limited to: VR headsets, video cameras, monitors, projectors, media players, speakers, mixers and other audio equipment; multimedia software (such as Adobe CC and 3D Studio Max), lighting equipment.
The Onassis Stegi venue is located on Syngrou Avenue, a few minute’s walk from the center of Athens and covers several spaces over an internal floor area of 18,000 sq. m., spread over no fewer than sixteen levels, accessible by the artists upon availability. Such spaces include:

  • An 880-seat amphitheater (Main Stage). The multiplicity of potential stage and lighting configurations make it possible to use this impressive auditorium for a range of large-scale events, from theatrical and dance performances, concerts and cinema screenings to lectures and concerts.
  • Α 220-seat auditorium (Upper stage) which can be used for smaller-scale theatrical, music and dance performances, presentations, lectures, cinema screenings (multimedia, virtual reality), seminars and conferences.
  • A multi-purpose 700 sq. m. exhibition hall, available for exhibitions, performances and collaborative workshops.
  • Several rehearsal rooms with dedicated audio-visual equipment.

Additionally, several spaces spread over the venue’s levels are ideal for smaller exhibitions, round-table discussions or meetings. The surrounding neighborhood’s public spaces may also be available for activities such as sound-walks, public events etc. The availability of spaces is subject to the requirements of the production and can be determined at the beginning of the residency.

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